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Long Stay Alternatives

The Long Stay car parks at Manchester Airport have now closed. Here's where to park instead.

Car bonnets

Why have the Long Stay car parks closed?

As our airport grows we need to make some changes to our infrastructure to enable that growth. Therefore, we have had to close our Long Stay car parks for T1/3 and T2.

If you want to park for a week or two

If you'd normally use the Long Stay car park for a holiday or long business trip, why not try Meet and Greet instead. It's more convenient than Long Stay, there's no need to look for a space and your car will be outside the terminal waiting for you when you return. See how it works

If you're looking for the cheapest price for a stay of a week or more, try JetParks. The JetParks car parks are a few minutes away from the airport with a free bus transfer to get you to your terminal. Find out more about JetParks

If you want to park without pre-booking

We always recommend pre-booking your parking to guarantee your space at a cheaper price, but if you want to turn up and park at the airport you should use the multi-storey car park for your terminal. More information